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Cannabis-related disorders

Section Editor: Julia Arnsten, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA
Covers prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment (both psychological and physical) of all cannabis-related disorders, including intoxication, withdrawal, and cannabis use disorder (addiction), as well as their medical and psychiatric consequences and co-morbidities.

  1. To address the research question of how simultaneous users of alcohol and cannabis differ from concurrent users in risk of cannabis use problems after the recreational marijuana legalization in Washington State.

    Authors: Yachen Zhu, Yu Ye, Thomas K. Greenfield and William C. Kerr
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:8
  2. The is a case of a 28-year-old male presenting to an emergency department (ED) via emergency medical services (EMS) with a chief complaint of “gastritis.” He was noted to have bigeminy on the pre-arrival EMS e...

    Authors: Jeffrey Wong, Muneet Gill, Thor Stead, Derrick Huang and Latha Ganti
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:36
  3. Poor outcomes of COVID-19 have been reported in older males with medical comorbidities including substance use disorder. However, it is unknown whether there is a difference in COVID-19 treatment outcomes betw...

    Authors: Ann Rydberg, Christopher A. Dodoo, Terry D. Schneekloth and Osama A. Abulseoud
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:23
  4. The association between long-term cannabis use and balance disturbances has not been investigated in people living with HIV (PWH). We hypothesized that long-term cannabis use in PWH might be associated with mo...

    Authors: Patrick Kiendrebeogo, David Grelotti, Mariana Cherner, Raeanne C. Moore, Bin Tang and Ronald J. Ellis
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2021 3:3
  5. Over the past decade, cannabis use has become increasingly popular in states that include Colorado. During this time, alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and alcohol-related medical conditions have also been consiste...

    Authors: Jeremy T. Hua, Majid Afshar, Brendan J. Clark, Elizabeth J. Kovacs and Ellen L. Burnham
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2020 2:13
  6. Priapism (persistent and painful erection of the penis) is a notable urological emergency, with over 90% of those remaining erect for 24 h losing sexual function. Drug-induced priapism is common in the adult p...

    Authors: Sebastian Montgomery, Kristal Sirju, Joseph Bear, Latha Ganti and John Shivdat
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2020 2:7
  7. Trends toward legalizing cannabis may increase experimentation with the drug among less experienced users with limited knowledge of possible adverse reactions. This study explores the prevalence, frequency, an...

    Authors: Emily M. LaFrance, Amanda Stueber, Nicholas C. Glodosky, Dakota Mauzay and Carrie Cuttler
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2020 2:3
  8. Smartphone applications (apps) offer a promising alternative to face-to-face treatment due to their ease of access and convenience. However, there is a lack of evidence-based apps for cannabis users wishing to...

    Authors: Lucy Albertella, Lisa Gibson, Sally Rooke, Melissa M. Norberg and Jan Copeland
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2019 1:9

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Cannabis Research 2019 1:10

  9. In the United States (US), three in 10 cannabis users develop cannabis use disorder (CUD). Usage patterns in line with CUD may be associated with socio-economic disadvantage, and other negative effects. Thus, ...

    Authors: Navin Kumar, Cheneal Puljević, Jason Ferris, Adam Winstock and Monica J. Barratt
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2019 1:5