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Thematic Series: The Two Sides of Hemp

The Guest Editor of Journal of Cannabis Research, Dr Nirit Bernstein, is pleased to launch a new thematic series titled, "The Two Sides of Hemp: Medical and Industrial".

We are especially interested in those papers that address hemp plant science, chemistry and cultivation; ethnobotany and regulations; developing medical and industrial uses of hemp and hemp products (such as cannabidiol); or those addressing differences between hemp and psychoactive cannabis.

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Editor's Article Highlights from 2022

Patient caught breastfeeding and instructed to stop: an empirical ethics study on marijuana and lactation
Marielle S. Gross, Margot Le Neveu, Kara A. Milliken & Mary Catherine Beach

Licensed and unlicensed cannabis outlets in Los Angeles County: the potential implications of location for social equity
Caislin L. Firth, Kristin M. Warren, Lilian Perez, Beau Kilmer, Regina A. Shih, Joan S. Tucker, Elizabeth J. D’Amico & Eric R. Pedersen

THC labeling on cannabis products: an experimental study of approaches for labeling THC servings on cannabis edibles
Samantha Goodman & David Hammond

Characteristics that influence purchase choice for cannabis products: a systematic review
Jennifer Donnan, Omar Shogan, Lisa Bishop, Michelle Swab & Maisam Najafizada

Delta-8-THC: Delta-9-THC’s nicer younger sibling?
Jessica S. Kruger & Daniel J. Kruger

Aims and scope

Journal of Cannabis Research is an open access, peer-reviewed, international journal which welcomes submissions covering all topics pertaining to cannabis. Our goal is to provide an outlet for experts across disciplines, driving public discourse and innovation around this timely issue. 

The journal is an official publication of the Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Truly multidisciplinary

Our journal welcomes all aspects of cannabis research, divided into the following sections:

  • Agriculture and plant biology
  • Commerce, business, and environment
  • Endocannabinoid system
  • Cannabis and cannabinoids biochemistry and genetics
  • Cannabis and cannabinoids preclinical pharmacology
  • Cannabis and cannabinoids clinical pharmacology
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Cannabis-related disorders
  • Medical cannabis
  • History, regulation, and public policy
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About the Institute

Institute of Cannabis Research

The Institute of Cannabis Research was established in June 2016 through an innovative partnership between Colorado State University Pueblo, the state of Colorado, and Pueblo County.
The ICR is the first US multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution. The primary function of the Institute is the generation of knowledge that contributes to science, medicine, and society through investigation of the benefits and risks associated with cannabis. Research findings are used to translate discoveries into innovative applications that improve lives. 

Journal of Cannabis Research is published in partnership with Colorado State University - Pueblo's Institute of Cannabis Research.

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About the Editor-in-Chief

David GorelickDavid A. Gorelick, MD, PhD, DLFAPA, is Professor of Psychiatry (part-time) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, having retired in October 2013 from the Intramural Research Program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Baltimore, Maryland.  

Dr Gorelick's research interests are the clinical pharmacology of substance use, substance withdrawal, and biological treatments of substance use disorders. His recent work focuses on cannabis (including its potential therapeutic uses), cocaine, and individuals with co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

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