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We are Recruiting!

Journal of Cannabis Research is recruiting Associate Editors. The growth of the journal is continuing and we are looking to expand our editorial team to cope with increased submissions on key topics while maintaining our high editorial standards and cross-disciplinary attitude to cannabis.

We encourage applications from researchers with a background in any aspect of cannabis. This includes medicine, biological science and social science, environmental science, law, political science, agriculture, economics and public health. We also welcome those from industry with expertise in the business and commerce of cannabis. Check our Aims & Scope to see a full description of the fields we encourage.

Journal of Cannabis Research is a leading, internationally renowned, fully open access journal in the field. In partnership with the Institute of Cannabis Research - the US state of Colorado's official cannabis research institute - the journal provides an accessible outlet for reliable, expert interdisciplinary discourse on issues pertaining to cannabis.

Who are we looking for?

We are interested in individuals who are actively engaged cannabis research and are willing to handle 1-2 manuscripts a month. We intend to provide a consistent, but low workload to our Associate Editors. Assignments can be rejected but performance will be continually monitored.

You should hold a senior position at your institution dependent on your field, e.g. Associate Professorship in academia, Senior Fellowship at independent research institutes, Directors of companies. A PhD, MD or equivalent is generally expected, although exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

You should have a minimum of twenty research papers published in reputable peer-review journals.

Role and Responsibilities

As an Associate Editor, your contribution to the journal would involve joining an international board of academic editors who are responsible for checking the suitability of manuscripts within their field of expertise and guiding them through the peer review, revision and publication processes. The core responsibilities of an Associate Editor lie in two main areas: manuscript review and preparation, and journal advocacy.

Manuscript review and preparation

  • The Associate Editor handles new manuscripts assigned to them by the Editor-in-Chief, ensuring peer review is swift, thorough and efficient, and that appropriate peer reviewers are selected.
  • The Associate Editor ensures comments from peer-review are incorporated into the manuscript appropriately and that the authors’ work is described as clearly and completely as necessary.
  • The Associate Editor ensures all manuscripts recommended for acceptance meet the standards and scope of the journal. 

Journal advocacy

  • The Associate Editor is an ambassador for the Journal in their field, encouraging submissions and highlighting the ethos, scope and aims of the Journal.
  • Where called upon, the Associate Editor assists the Editor-in-Chief in preparing and executing strategies to develop the journal: 
    • Associate Editors are encouraged to act as Guest Editor for collections and thematic series, ensuring the journal maintains relevance to key and emerging fields in cannabis.

Our Associate Editors will receive training, and our in-house editorial team will also provide administrative support.

Furthermore, as an Associate Editor, you will have access to a limited number of APC discounts for submissions to the journal, as well as a one-year complimentary digital subscription to Nature. You will also have access to an exclusive community of editors, led by Dr. Ritu Dhand (Chief Scientific Officer, Springer Nature Group), which shares insight, experience and training for your editorial role.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Editor for the Journal of Cannabis Research, please complete the following form.

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