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  1. The use of industrial Cannabis sativa L. for recreational, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, and medicinal purposes has gained momentum due to its rich content of valuable phytochemicals, such as cannabidiol (CBD) an...

    Authors: Gloria Spampinato, Francesco Candeliere, Alberto Amaretti, Roberta Paris, Massimo Montanari, Nino Virzì, Lorenzo Strani, Cinzia Citti, Giuseppe Cannazza, Maddalena Rossi and Stefano Raimondi
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:31
  2. Most studies examining the simultaneous use of cannabis with other drugs have focused on cannabis and alcohol, with fewer studies examining simultaneous use of cannabis with other drugs. The United States is c...

    Authors: Cianna J. Piercey, Eleftherios Hetelekides and Hollis C. Karoly
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:29
  3. The belief that cannabis has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties continues to attract patients with chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain towards its use. However, the role that cannabis will play in the m...

    Authors: Timothy Leroux, Prabjit Ajrawat, Kala Sundararajan, Naomi Maldonado-Rodriguez, Bheeshma Ravi, Rajiv Gandhi, Raja Rampersaud, Christian Veillette, Nizar Mahomed and Hance Clarke
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:28
  4. Cannabidiol is highly bound to plasma proteins. Changes in its protein binding can lead to altered unbound plasma concentrations and result in alteration of pharmacological activity of cannabidiol-containing m...

    Authors: Mariana Babayeva and Iva Srdanovic
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:27
  5. Cannabis has been shown to impact driving due to changes produced by delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis. Current legal thresholds for blood THC while driving are based p...

    Authors: S Zhao, B Brands, P Kaduri, C.M Wickens, O.S.M Hasan, S Chen, B Le Foll and P Di Ciano
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:26
  6. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system characterized by neuroinflammation, demyelination and axonal loss. Cannabis, an immunomodulating agent, is known for its ab...

    Authors: Sigal Fleisher-Berkovich, Nitzan Sharon, Yvonne Ventura, Valeria Feinshtein, Jonathan Gorelick, Nirit Bernstein and Shimon Ben-Shabat
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:25
  7. Cancer comes in second place on the list of causes of death worldwide. In 2018, the 5-year prevalence of breast cancer (BC), prostate cancer (PC), and colorectal cancer (CRC) were 30%, 12.3%, and 10.9%, respec...

    Authors: Husam A. ALSalamat, Sara Feras Abuarab, Hazem Mohamed Salamah, Anas Hasan Ishqair, Mohammad Fuad Dwikat, Anas Zakarya Nourelden, Aseel N. Qandil, Yasmeen Barakat and Muna Barakat
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:24
  8. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains one of the most aggressive malignancies with a median 5 year-survival rate of 12%. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to exhibit antineoplastic potential and may p...

    Authors: Nagina Mangal, Vikash Reebye, Nagy Habib and Mikael H. Sodergren
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:22
  9. Since its discovery as one of the main components of cannabis and its affinity towards the cannabinoid receptor CB1, serving as a means to exert its psychoactivity, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) has inspired m...

    Authors: Cristian Caprari, Elena Ferri, Maria Angela Vandelli, Cinzia Citti and Giuseppe Cannazza
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:21
  10. Young adults have historically high levels of cannabis use at a time which coincides with emotional and cognitive development. Age of regular onset of cannabis use and sex at birth are hypothesized to influenc...

    Authors: Natasha E. Wade, Kelly E. Courtney, Alexander L. Wallace, Laura Hatz and Joanna Jacobus
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:20
  11. Medical cannabis, legalized in many countries, remains illegal in France. Despite an experiment in the medical use of cannabis that began in March 2021 in France, little is known about the factors associated w...

    Authors: Solène Wallez, Isabelle Kousignian, Irwin Hecker, Selma Faten Rezag Bara, Astrid Juhl Andersen, Maria Melchior, Jean-Sébastien Cadwallader and Murielle Mary-Krause
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:19
  12. Prior reports indicate that modulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may have a protective benefit for Covid-19 patients. However, associations between cannabis use (CU) or CU not in remission (active ca...

    Authors: Joseph-Kevin Igwe and Ugo Alaribe
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:18
  13. In 2019 and 2020, we investigated the individual and combined effects of two biofertilizers (manure tea and bioinoculant) and one humic acid (HA) product on cannabis biochemical and physiological parameters an...

    Authors: Jose F. Da Cunha Leme Filho, Bee K. Chim, Cameron Bermand, Andre A. Diatta and Wade E. Thomason
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:16
  14. The underlying neurobiological mechanisms of cannabidiol’s (CBD) management of alcohol use disorder (AUD) remains elusive.

    Authors: Tristan Hurzeler, Joshua Watt, Warren Logge, Ellen Towers, Anastasia Suraev, Nicholas Lintzeris, Paul Haber and Kirsten C. Morley
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:15
  15. The treatment of diverse diseases using plant-derived products is actively encouraged. In the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has emerged as a potent cannabis-derived drug capable of managing various debilit...

    Authors: Oluwadara Pelumi Omotayo, Yolandy Lemmer and Shayne Mason
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:14
  16. The Veterans Health Administration tracks urine drug tests (UDTs) among patients on long-term opioid therapy (LTOT) and recommends discussing the health effects of cannabis use.

    Authors: Tauheed Zaman, Dawn M. Bravata, Amy Byers, Erin Krebs, Samuel Leonard, Charles Austin, Friedhelm Sandbrink, Deborah S. Hasin and Salomeh Keyhani
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:12
  17. Cannabis policies have changed drastically over the last few years with many states enacting medical cannabis laws, and some authorizing recreational use; all against federal laws. As a result, cannabis produc...

    Authors: Mona M. Geweda, Chandrani G. Majumdar, Malorie N. Moore, Mostafa A. Elhendawy, Mohamed M. Radwan, Suman Chandra and Mahmoud A. ElSohly
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:11
  18. While the use of orally consumed Cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) containing products, i.e. “edibles”, has expanded, the health consequences are still largely unknown. This study examine...

    Authors: Nichole Reisdorph, Katrina Doenges, Cassandra Levens, Jon Manke, Michael Armstrong, Harry Smith, Kevin Quinn, Richard Radcliffe, Richard Reisdorph, Laura Saba and Kristine A. Kuhn
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:10
  19. The primary components driving the current commercial fascination with cannabis products are phytocannabinoids, a diverse group of over 100 lipophilic secondary metabolites derived from the cannabis plant. Alt...

    Authors: Pierrick Clément, Walter K. Schlage and Julia Hoeng
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:9
  20. To address the research question of how simultaneous users of alcohol and cannabis differ from concurrent users in risk of cannabis use problems after the recreational marijuana legalization in Washington State.

    Authors: Yachen Zhu, Yu Ye, Thomas K. Greenfield and William C. Kerr
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:8
  21. Marijuana use is increasingly common among patients with chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP) and long-term opioid therapy (LTOT). We determined if lifetime recreational and medical marijuana use were associated wit...

    Authors: Whitney M. Davidson, Anika Mahavni, Timothy Chrusciel, Joanne Salas, Lisa R. Miller-Matero, Mark D. Sullivan, Celeste Zabel, Patrick J. Lustman, Brian K. Ahmedani and Jeffrey F. Scherrer
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:7
  22. Our primary objective was to understand breastfeeding individuals’ decisions to use cannabis. Specifically, we investigated reasons for cannabis use, experiences with healthcare providers regarding use, and po...

    Authors: Caroline B. Smith, Jenna Schmidt, Elizabeth A. Holdsworth, Beatrice Caffé, Olivia Brooks, Janet E. Williams, David R. Gang, Mark A. McGuire, Michelle K. McGuire, Celestina Barbosa-Leiker and Courtney L. Meehan
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:6
  23. In legal cannabis markets, the distribution of retail stores has the potential to influence transitions from illegal to legal sources as well as consumer patterns of use. The current study examined the distrib...

    Authors: Fathima Fataar, Pete Driezen, Akwasi Owusu-Bempah and David Hammond
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:5
  24. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, consumers are presented with numerous purchase options. Licensed retailers are limited by the Cannabis Act and provincial regulations with respect to offering sales...

    Authors: Jennifer R. Donnan, Molly Downey, Karissa Johnston, Maisam Najafizada and Lisa D. Bishop
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:4
  25. Acute cannabis use has been demonstrated to slow reaction time and affect decision-making and short-term memory. These effects may have utility in identifying impairment associated with recent use. However, th...

    Authors: Ashley Brooks-Russell, Julia Wrobel, Tim Brown, L. Cinnamon Bidwell, George Sam Wang, Benjamin Steinhart, Gregory Dooley and Michael J. Kosnett
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:3
  26. In the USA, an increasing number of states have legalized commercial recreational cannabis markets, allowing a private industry to sell cannabis to those 21 and older at retail locations known as dispensaries....

    Authors: Samantha Marinello, Rebecca Valek and Lisa M. Powell
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:2
  27. Canada took a national approach to recreational cannabis that resulted in official legalization on October 17, 2018. In the United States (US), the approach has been more piecemeal, with individual states pass...

    Authors: Janet Music, Brian Sterling, Sylvain Charlebois and Christine Goedhart
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2024 6:1
  28. Changes in regulation for cannabis for nonmedical use (CNMU) are underway worldwide. Switzerland amended the law in 2021 allowing pilot trials evaluating regulative models for cannabis production and distribut...

    Authors: Constantin Strube, Renato Davide Comazzi, Dimitri Löwinger, Reto Auer, Franz Moggi and Philippe Pfeifer
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:40
  29. In animals, the endocannabinoid system regulates multiple physiological functions. Like humans, animals respond to preparations containing phytocannabinoids for treating several conditions. In Argentina, laws ...

    Authors: Diana Banach and Paola Ferrero
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:39
  30. Medical cannabis (MC) is increasingly used for chronic pain, but it is unclear how it aids in pain management. Previous literature suggests that MC could holistically alter the pain experience instead of only ...

    Authors: Jussi Jylkkä, Aleksi Hupli, Aleksandra Nikolaeva, Sandra Alanen, Anna Erika Back, Sara Lindqvist, Andreas Krabbe, Maya Lavie-Ajayi and Oskari Kantonen
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:38
  31. The is a case of a 28-year-old male presenting to an emergency department (ED) via emergency medical services (EMS) with a chief complaint of “gastritis.” He was noted to have bigeminy on the pre-arrival EMS e...

    Authors: Jeffrey Wong, Muneet Gill, Thor Stead, Derrick Huang and Latha Ganti
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:36
  32. Road safety is an important concern amidst expanding worldwide access to legal cannabis. The present study reports on the driving-related subsection of the Cannabis as Medicine Survey 2020 (CAMS-20) which surv...

    Authors: Thomas R. Arkell, Sarah V. Abelev, Llewellyn Mills, Anastasia Suraev, Jonathon C. Arnold, Nicholas Lintzeris and Iain S. McGregor
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:35
  33. As Cannabis was legalised in Canada for recreational use in 2018 with the implementation of the Cannabis Act, Regulations were put in place to ensure safety and consistency across the cannabis industry. This incl...

    Authors: Mathieu Gagnon, Tyler McRitchie, Kim Montsion, Josée Tully, Michel Blais, Neil Snider and David R. Blais
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:34
  34. Cannabis use, be it either cannabidiol (CBD) use and/or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) use, shows promise to enhance exercise recovery. The present study aimed to determine if individuals are using CBD and...

    Authors: Anthony G. Pinzone, Emily K. Erb, Stacie M. Humm, Sarah G. Kearney and J. Derek Kingsley
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:32
  35. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the cannabis industry has adapted to public health emergency orders which had direct and indirect consequences on cannabis consumption. The objective of this...

    Authors: Kelda Newport, Lisa Bishop, Jennifer Donnan, Shefali Pal and Maisam Najafizada
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:31
  36. Hemp-derived delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9 THC) products are freely available for sale across much of the USA, but the federal legislation allowing their sale places only minimal requirements on companies. Pro...

    Authors: Lee Johnson, Marc Malone, Erik Paulson, Josh Swider, David Marelius, Susan Andersen and Dominic Black
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:29

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:33

  37. Cannabidiol (CBD)-containing products are sold widely in consumer stores, but concerns have been raised regarding their quality, with notable discrepancies between advertised and actual CBD content. Informatio...

    Authors: Drusus A. Johnson, Megan Hogan, Ray Marriot, Liam M. Heaney, Stephen J. Bailey, Tom Clifford and Lewis J. James
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:28
  38. Targeting protein kinase B (Akt) and its downstream signaling proteins are promising options in designing novel and potent drug candidates against hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The present study explores the...

    Authors: Dorcas I. Akinloye, Damilohun S. Metibemu, Mujidat T. Shittu, Mariam A. Lawal, Faith O. Olatunji, Muideen A. Oyediran and Oluseyi A. Akinloye
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:27
  39. Since 2001, Canadians have been able to obtain cannabis for medical purposes, initially through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) came into force on ...

    Authors: Cecilia Costiniuk, Caroline A. MacCallum, Michael Boivin, Sergio Rueda, Gary Lacasse, Zach Walsh, Paul J. Daeninck, Shari Margolese, Enrico Mandarino, Jagpaul Kaur Deol, Tatiana Sanchez and Alan D. Bell
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:25
  40. Substance administration to laboratory animals necessitates careful consideration and planning in order to enhance agent distribution while reducing any harmful effects from the technique. There are numerous m...

    Authors: Kaveh Momenzadeh, Diana Yeritsyan, Nadim Kheir, Rosalyn M. Nazarian and Ara Nazarian
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:24
  41. Poor outcomes of COVID-19 have been reported in older males with medical comorbidities including substance use disorder. However, it is unknown whether there is a difference in COVID-19 treatment outcomes betw...

    Authors: Ann Rydberg, Christopher A. Dodoo, Terry D. Schneekloth and Osama A. Abulseoud
    Citation: Journal of Cannabis Research 2023 5:23

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