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Table 3 Themes and nodes in unlicensed cannabis retailers

From: Analyzing sentiments and themes on cannabis in Canada using 2018 to 2020 Twitter data

Theme Nodes Number and percentage of tweets
Access Easy access to store; limited access; online access; barriers to online access; home delivery; hours of operation; space availability; new products accessibility n = 15 (4%)
Policy Decriminalization; developing marijuana-specific laws; law enforcement; legalization; limited licensed retailers; age restriction; use in the public place; overdose n = 38 (10%)
Education/information Addiction; advertisement of the store and service; information on cannabis plant; harvesting; use (medical and non-medical); and different strains; economic impact of the industry; comparison between alcoholism and cannabis use; health effects; historical use of cannabis; inform the consumers about a lack of information; creating online community; providing access to documents related to cannabis use; promoting weed use; research findings; use of educators; use of vaping device n = 140 (37%)
Uses of cannabis Edibles; frequent use; medical use; non-medical use; recreational use n = 95 (25%)
Cannabis products Packing—glorious packaging (n = 2)
Quality—potency; percentage of THC and CBD; aroma; taste; visual appeal (n = 33)
Source—illegal; homegrown (n = 18)
Type of product—edibles; cannabis concentrate; hybrid strain (n = 21)
n = 74 (205%)
Social (gender and stigma) About addiction; cannabis use; criminalization; health effects; misconception; promoting the end of stigma; publicly used by baseball players n = 11 (3%)
COVID-19 impacts Reduced access to stores; increased sale n = 3 (1%)
  Total = 376