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Table 2 Examples of routines with different complexity

From: A mixed methods analysis of cannabis use routines for chronic pain management

  Subgroup Administration routes Timing
Simple routine
I take a tincture about 1/2 hour before bed. Non-inhalation Tincture PM
I usually take 1 hit from the vape pen after work and another when I’m ready to sleep. Inhalation Vaporize PM
I smoke for immediate relief and use tincture at bedtime for sleep Non-inhalation + inhalation Smoke, tincture AM, PM
I smoke high CBD cannabis, indica/sativa blend for pain relief before dinner on the weekends. (Weeknights on as needed basis) Inhalation Smoke PM, as needed
8 drops of CBD tincture before bed Non-inhalation Tincture PM
Moderate routine
I vaporize a high THC and CBD cannabis distillate for pain relief and then use a THC relax patch and vaporize in the evening Non-inhalation + inhalation Vaporize, topical As needed, PM
I smoke high CBD in the morning upon getting up and ready. In the evening, I smoke a higher THC content Indica with CBD infusion prior to sleep. Inhalation Smoke AM, PM
I vaporize 1 puff of high THC, low CBD cannabis after work for pain relief, and ingest a 1/4 grain of high THC indica in RSO form 1 hour before bedtime, which helps with insomnia due to PTSD. Non-inhalation + inhalation Vaporize, edible, concentrate PM
1 edible with breakfast and 1 edible before dinner. Non-inhalation Edible AM, PM
I use almost exclusively at night (after 10 PM) for pain and to help with sleep. I eat approx. 5-7 mg THC of edible first while watching TV and follow 1-2 hours later with 2-3 hits from handheld vaporizer before going to bed. Non-inhalation + inhalation Edible, vaporize PM
Complex routine
Use CBD tincture and vape during the day. If I get a migraine, I will use THC provided that I do not drive. At night I use a very high dose of indica THC tincture to try and stay asleep, and vaporize the same THC indica to try and fall asleep Non-inhalation + inhalation Tincture, Vaporize Throughout the day, PM, as needed
In the morning, I ingest 70mg of CBD, apply tincture to my face and forearms and apply transdermal balm that I have strengthened with additional CBD oil to my feet and other areas. During the day I may vape CBD and apply additional CBD balm to my lips, arms, etc. Evening/night I continue the transdermal applications to my lips & skin. Before bed I vape a heavy Indica 2-4 inhalations and apply CBD oil to my hair part and face. Non-inhalation + inhalation Vaporize, Edible, Topical AM, throughout the day, PM
I take a pure CBD tincture every morning (5-10 mg) and sometimes throughout the day for breakthrough pain. During the day I usually avoid THC if I am working, but will take high CBD, low THC tinctures when needed. In the evening I often take a 1:1 tincture or will take CBD oil/tincture and may have an edible or vaporize THC with friends. I also often use a 1:1 tincture before exercise or take CBD oil with a sativa strain vaporized (occasionally smoked from a glass bowl if I am out hiking or something). Non-inhalation + inhalation Tincture, vaporize, edible, smoke AM, throughout the day, PM, as needed
I vaporize high CBD and sativa strains in the morning and throughout the day to control the onset and duration of effect. I use high THC in the evening via RSO pills with some vaporization or smoking around mealtimes. CBD tincture at bedtime seems to produce less mental fog in the morning. Non-inhalation + inhalation Vaporize, smoking, edible, tincture, concentrate AM, throughout the day, PM
Morning: High CBD tincture (8:1 or 12:1), administer about 10mg CBD; Afternoon: As needed, usually a small dose 3:1 to 1:1 CBD:THC via tincture or vaporizer; Evening: High THC flowers or concentrate, smoke or vaporize, as needed for dinner digestion and sleep. Non-inhalation + inhalation Tincture, vaporize, smoke AM, afternoon, PM
I use topical cannabis cream when I wake up and when I go to bed daily. Sometimes I require a mid-day application. I take 4 drops of CBD tincture morning and night for anxiety and sleep. I occasionally vape high CBD cannabis (3:1 or greater) for breakthrough pain. Non-inhalation + inhalation Topical, tincture, vaporize AM, afternoon, PM, as needed
  1. Routines varied in complexity, with some participants using numerous administration routes and cannabinoids at different times of the day
  2. THC tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD cannabidiol, AM morning, PM evening, RSO Rick Simpson Oil, PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder