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Table 1 Global task force on medical cannabis dosing and administration for treatment of chronic pain

From: Consensus recommendations on dosing and administration of medical cannabis to treat chronic pain: results of a modified Delphi process

Last name First name Speciality Country
Bell Alan Family Medicine Canada
Bhaskar Arun Pain Medicine United Kingdom
Brown Matthew Pain Medicine United Kingdom
Clarke Hance Anesthesiology Canada
Cyr Claude Family Medicine Canada
Eisenberg Elon Neurology and Pain Medicine Israel
Ferreira Ricardo Pain Medicine Brazil
Frohlich Eva Anesthesiology and Pain Management South Africa
Georgius Peter Pain Medicine Australia
Hogg Malcolm Pain Medicine Australia
Horsted Tina Pain Medicine Denmark
MacCallum Caroline Internal Medicine Canada
Moulin Dwight Pain Medicine Canada
Müller-Vahl Kirsten General Psychiatry, Neurology Germany
O'Connell Colleen Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation Canada
Sealey Robert Family Medicine Canada
Seibolt Marc Anesthesiology, Pain and Addiction Medicine Germany
Sihota Aaron Primary Care Pharmacy Canada
Sulak Dustin Osteopathic Medicine United States
Vigano Antonio Palliative Medicine Canada